Who are Rubies 

In 1950 Rubin Beige and his wife Tillie, opened ‘Rubie’s Candy Store’ in Queens, New York. By the 1960’s the store had grown into ‘Rubie’s Fun House’ selling and renting hand made costumes to the American public. From 1973 Rubie’s, now ‘Rubie’s Costume Company’, started to mass produce costumes and accessories for the Halloween market, and continues to do so across the world.

In 1990, Rubie’s signed its first ever license with Paramount Pictures, for ‘Star Trek’. Since then, Rubie’s has continued to develop into the world’s leading Licensed Costume manufacturer with household names such as Batman, Superman, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Power Rangers, Disney Princess in its catalogue alongside
many, many more.


Now operating in 12 different countries, Rubie’s has grown from strength to strength. With over 20 Rubie’s companies globally employing over 2000 people and offering over 10,000 dress up items worldwide, the company remains a family-run business.

Rubie’s in the UK was set up in 1996 and is now the leading light in character costumes throughout Europe. Housing the best design team in the business, Rubie’s UK have won or been nominated for all the best industry awards including ‘Best Licensed Children’s Product’ and ‘Costume Company of the Year’ over the last 5 years.